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About the Artist

Jeremy Veldhuis is an illustrator in Boston, Massachusetts.  He has designed gig posters for rock bands such as Vundabar, The Dustbowl Revival, and Nemes, as well as event medals with Stride Awards and product packaging with EVL Designs.

He graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design with a degree in illustration.  In addition, he has studied at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy and at Skidmore College.

He's in love with rock and roll, plays guitar himself, and instead of joining a band and conquering the world he slaves away screen printing to ensure his clients can.


Ancora Psychological, Ampevene, Broccoli Samurai, Concord Pools, Dionysia, Dustbowl Revival, EVL Designs, Illusion Ultimate, Jeb Bush Orchestra, Lubezone, Mimosas Ultimate, Nemes, Projects for Haiti, Setting The Space, Stride Awards, Vundabar, Wicked Pissahh